January 2nd: Flash Fiction


Being single is January 2nd.

Yesterday’s twinkling lights quit working and now fill garbage cans. The festive flourishes that merry-makers painstakingly hung in windows and yards and around doors have been ravaged by time and weather. My Christmas tree has become so dry that every time my dog brushes it with her wagging tail, needles rain forth in a downpour of fire hazard.

The season of cheer, of good will, of hopefulness, is past. Not even the brain-scrambling, body-slamming, wretched but familiar hangover of the New Year remains to keep us company.

January 2nd. Nothing ahead but bleak, relentless winter, as far as the soul can see. A landscape of emotional white out.

I have wandered around this landscape for too many years – this relentless tundra of January 2nd status.  But it is a New Year.  And with whatever mixture of revelry and reflection we rang in 2018, here we stand.  We renew our vow to begin again.


8 Replies to “January 2nd: Flash Fiction”

  1. A bleak view, yet a reminder that life has many flavors and being able to celebrate even the bitter ones makes them sweeter.

  2. You are a talented writer. In the sea of horrible writings out there where every Tom, Dick, and Harriet calls themselves a writer, you truly stand out. It’s a joy to read your work.

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