“Pushing the River,” new excerpt

Sheesh.  I have been flattened for more than a week with some nasty virus!  These are the first words that have entered my head in all that time.  It’s a mere beginning, but I couldn’t wait to post SOMETHING and get back at it.


They was just a couple of wide-eyed kids with a little baby they took turns holding in they lanky arms when they moved into this here house.  They scrubbed at the floors and painted  the walls and dug dirt in the gardens and tickled and rocked and sang to the Boy while he gazed at the world around him like he could stare a hole right through everything and see into its very center, sort of like he was just pretending to be a baby the whole time and trying to humor the nice folks who had brung him into this world.   After a time the Little One came along, all blonde and golden and fitting right into the world like it was easy peasy and every single thing was just a pure delight. 

            The house was full up. 

            And I don’t just mean with them family members, and their kin and friends and pets that was constantly coming and going; and I don’t mean with all the things they gathered and put in different rooms that marked their lives neither.  I mean that it was full up in the only way that can make a house into a home.


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