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  • LISTEN to the wonderful interview with Rick Kogan from WGN Radio about THE READING

  • Barbara Monier reads from THE READING and talks about the creative process behind the writing
  • SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK of THE READING audiobook read by Melinda Cumming!

An amazing number of really talented voice artists auditioned to narrate the audiobook of The Reading. Wow, did I ever get lucky in my choice of Melinda Cumming! Melinda brought my work to life in ways that I could never have imagined. I am honored by her work, and I am very pleased to offer you the sample above.

  • LISTEN to Esme’s COVID playlist from THE READING

As COVID-19 inundated the world in early 2020, The Reading narrator Esme had just moved into a new home after twenty-five years in her previous location. Gripped by the dislocation of the unfamiliar and an uncertain future, Esme immersed herself in reflection about her history. Contemplating the loneliness and loss that had occupied her early life, Esme would have been drawn to songs from a wide span of time that tapped these themes.

  • LISTEN to Esme’s college playlist from THE READING

Esme, the narrator of The Reading, arrived at her first year of college in 1973. Though it’s understated in the book, Esme refers to wearing T-shirts from concerts that marked “the high points of my high school life.” Music would have been tremendously important to Esme, a passion second only to her writing. As she was primarily a poet, Esme would have been particularly drawn to singer-songwriters. And, as a true child of the 60’s, she would have gravitated not only to the folk/protest movement, but to the roots of these musicians as well.
Not one to be pigeonholed, however, Esme would have also loved a wide variety of good ol’ rock ‘n roll. Priding herself on her devotion to searching out innovation, Esme would have had an ear to the ground for the new and different – starting from the time she first heard Frank Zappa’s “The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet” from the album Freak Out – which at 12+ minutes, was a tad long to include.

Hope you enjoy Esme’s College Playlist.

  • SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK of THE ROCKY ORCHARD audiobook read by Danielle Joy Fowler!
  • LISTEN TO THE PODCAST with host G.P. Gottlieb for the New in Books Network
  • Take a look at the short promo video for THE ROCKY ORCHARD
  • Here are four video readings from PUSHING THE RIVER.
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