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  1. Challenger One – There is perhaps nothing as satisfying in business as beating the bigger guy. You can’t outspend them. You have to be scrappy, resourceful
    Challenger One says:

    It’s such a great story. Sound quality on recording could use help. Don’t you have a relative or someone to help with that?


  2. barbaramonier – Barbara Monier has been writing since the earliest days when she composed in crayon on paper with extremely wide lines. She studied writing at Yale University and the University of Michigan. While at Michigan, she received the Avery and Jule Hopwood Prize. It was the highest prize awarded that year, and the first in Michigan's history for a piece written directly for the screen. She has four published novels: YOU, IN YOUR GREEN SHIRT and A LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD ME, and with Amika Press, PUSHING THE RIVER and THE ROCKY ORCHARD. Her fifth novel, THE READING, will release in October 2022.
    barbaramonier says:

    Ha! Thanks, Dave. Wouldn’t it be great if I DID have such a family member!

  3. Hey Barbara, just checking, when was the last time you visited The American Writers Museum? I didn’t know we had one in Chicago… Liam

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