Friday Short’n Sweet: an excerpt for everyone who’s had a rough week

George Brassaï - Girls at a Café

The sound of the woman’s voice was driving her nuts. All sing-song and la-la-la as she prattled on and on about how well things were going in every single possible aspect of her entire life with no exceptions whatsoever. Madeline tapped her fingers on the intensely varnished bar. Then she attempted to peel the label off of her beer bottle in little strips that would spell out the word “H E L P.” Marie and her two friends were deeply in the throes of some discussion that Madeline couldn’t quite hear, their heads huddled together. The woman sang on. Madeline felt dangerously close. In a few short moments, she would no longer have a choice about it. If Dan didn’t show up very, very soon, she was going to have to spin the crooning woman around on her bar stool, slap her squarely in the face, and say, “Suffer a little, bitch!”


Photo credits:  Brassai (top),  Jacques (bottom)


8 Replies to “Friday Short’n Sweet: an excerpt for everyone who’s had a rough week”

  1. Yes, a moment when impulse control just sucks. Go ahead and slap her. A jury of your peers would applaud.

  2. There’s nothing like being frustrated in that manner. The best part is the knowledge that these feelings have been around since the dawn of civilization.
    I think it was VIrgil who said, O fortuna caeca est.

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