“Pushing the River,” NEW and REVEALING

SPOILER ALERT:  In this brief excerpt, the narrator of “Pushing the River” is revealed.  But, not to worry,  The book is not a mystery…


            “No, no, no, no no.   I cannot stand it one minute longer.”


            “That is simply NOT what happened,” she added.

            “Well, who lit a fire under you?”

            “That would be your department.  I just think that you’re getting it all wrong.  It simply did NOT happen that way.”

            “It’s a story!”

            “You’re taking too many liberties!  You’re all the way down there, far away from so many of the very things that you’re telling about.”

            “It’s MY story!  It’s my story, according to ME.  Course I’m making it up.  S-T-O-R-Y!”

            “It seems to me that if you open the door on these, well, these very personal things, that you should have a responsibility to some degree of truth.”

            “Oh, truth is it?  Now you’re flat-out playing with fire, talking about the truth!”

            “I suppose you think that’s hilarious.”

            “My darling, I have been waiting one hundred years, one full century, listening, and learning, and waiting for my chance to say my piece.  It’s my turn!  Geez Louise, you’re trying to close the barn door after the horse has already left the stable.”

            “Again.  Hilarious.”

            “Lordy, lordy, what have I done.?  Why do I have to put up with this from the likes of you?”

            “Accountability!  Responsibility!  Where is your sense of honor!?”

            “Honor!  Cripes almighty,  YOU’RE A DOOR!”

            “YOU’RE   A    BOILER!”

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